b-First Version 2 will be shipping in June. We took everything we learned from Version 1 and did a major revision. This major revision is more user friendly, has improved functionality and provides greater flexibility.

Version 2 can be operated from the Internet. If you have a PC with Internet access and don't want to run our server system in your office we can provide you with a web based solution. You can update your company information on line with total confidence that your data is private and secure.

We also added two new features to the hand held (pocket pc) system:

Bar Code Scanning lets you insert a compact flash bar code reader from Socket Systems into your pocket pc and scan bar coded items at your customer locations. You can indicate what service was performed on the item, add new items, update item information, indicate maintenance that needs to be done, and even change the bar code. Our server will give you a report by customer of work performed and work suggested.

GPS Mapping and Routing
lets you route your customers on the server and then downloads the information to the hand held. When the service rep is out in the field he can select a customer and click on the GPS button to get directions from his current location to the next customer. If he has to go make an unscheduled call he can ask the system to show him all the customers scheduled for service within a 2, 4, 5, or 10 mile radius. Reps don't waste time searching for a customer or driving around trying to find someone nearby to service.

There are more new features in Version 2 so call us to schedule a demo and let us show you how your business can benefit.