b-Tech is a Microsoft Development Partner and creates solutions based on the latest Microsoft operating and development environments. All of our solutions use an Open Architecture approach to insure our clients a system that they can depend on for years to come.

Our development is done in MS Visual Basic and MS C++. We are now developing new systems under the Microsoft .net structure.

b-First currently operates under the Windows 2000 operating system on the application server and Pocket PC 2002 on the pocket pc's. You can have your choice of pocket pc's as long as they are current models. We provide an application server (Dell PC) with each system. We've found that it saves you money in the long run. We have the system fully loaded, configured, and tested before it ever leaves our shop. The application server can participate in your network.

Our systems are thoroughly tested by our Quality Assurance Department before they are put into beta test in the field. They are not released into production until we believe they are stable and dependable.

Contact our Chief Technology Engineer Cary Fabel with any technical questions you might have. He'll be glad to take time to discuss the system with you.