b-Tech, a division of Brooks Equipment Company, specializes in the development of hand held computer software for the Fire and Safety Industry. The staff at b-Tech has over 25 years experience developing mobile computing software and has worked on a variety of hardware platforms. As a leader in mobile systems, over the past 20 years our staff has developed systems for companies including Pepsi Foods International, Nabisco, Nestles Beverage, and RC Cola.

We strive to give our customers the latest technology available coupled with outstanding software solutions, at a reasonable price. We do not align ourselves with any specific hardware manufacturer, but provide solutions that are transportable over a wide range of equipment. This allows our customers to select a solution that fits their business requirements and their budget. We develop all our software to industry standards using an open architecture approach.

b-Tech is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction in our products and services. We want you to enjoy working with our company and consider us an on-going resource to assist you in improving the profitability of your company. Our experience in Sales, Service, Distribution, and Inventory Management Systems is reflected in our software and our customer service and support.