b-First was designed in cooperation with Brooks Equipment and one of the fastest growing independent Fire & Safety Equipment Distributors in the Carolinas. Working together we have developed and field tested a system specifically designed to fit the needs of this industry.

b-First is made up of several parts that form the total system:
  1. A pc based "application server" lets you maintain your customers, schedules, products, prices, discounts, vehicles, service reps, and service items at each customer site.

  2. The application server also prepares the files for download to the hand helds and manages the communications between the hand helds and the server.

  3. A separate "shop system" can be set up on a pc in the shop to create work orders, access work orders from the hand helds, modify work orders (adding repairs, refills, etc.), and either complete the work order or send it back to the hand held.

  4. The hand held system maintains the truck inventory, creates and prints work orders (invoices), prompts for survey information, captures customer signatures, tracks loaners and pickups, updates Customer file information, and many other functions. In June Version 2 of the software adds bar code scanning and GPS routing to make your service reps even more efficient and effective.

  5. The b-First "Data Mart" is a complete data base of every activity that occurs on the hand helds. It contains sales information, inventory information, surveys, customer events, truck information, and all other analysis and reporting data. From the Data Mart we create sales reports, profitability reports, survey analysis, replenishment purchase orders, customer pick up reports, customer call reports, and other important decision information.
Take a look at the b-First demo and get an overview of the system first hand.